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Project Information

Date: 20 August 2014 / Tags:  Cloud Solution

ExchangeDefender Essentials

The Problem

Customer had a problem with having to keep updating Server with Anti-spam software updates, this involved administrator time and re-boots of the Server which resulted in down time. Also the Anti-spam software was not working correctly and large amounts of spam with unwanted attachments were still being delivered to user’s mailboxes.

The Solution

ExchangeDefender Essentials was configured for the customer, and the user accounts were configured for each user on the system. email was redirected to the ExchangeDefender Server and the system was fully enabled.

The Result

The users mailboxes had a large decrease in spam email, users can check their own spam systems by logging into a web portal and can release any emails that are required, this will be remembered by the system for future emails.

Also in the event of an in-house email system failure, the users can logon to an emergency web system to send / receive emails as required.

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