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Business Cloud data sharing

We can setup Business Cloud data sharing by using exiting Cloud data storage technology along with Synology NAS technology to produce to produce a system where in-house data can be access and backed up in-house and also shared to remote users or sites by having a Synology NAS devices located at different locations so that data can be shared by all users and also creating off-site backups of company data at the same time.


  • Powered by existing Cloud Storage Technology.
  • Using existing Synology NAS device technology with single or RAID protected hard drive systems for additional redundancy.
  • Synology NAS can have single or dual LAN ports for additional LAN redundancy for in-house users.
  • Several data storage quota’s are available.
  • Company data can be protected by User Access and security groups.
  • Secondary Synology NAS devices ┬ácan be added to the system for additional layers of redundancy to access company data.
  • Cloud data can also be accessed or backed up by using application software, which can also be configured for secure access.
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