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Synology been awarded the PC Pro “Business Software of the Year 2019” for Synology DSM 6.2 & also the “PC Pro Best NAS Brand 2019”, both for the second year running!

Business NAS Solutions

We can setup Business NAS Solutions to upgrade or replace your existing Storage system or in-house Server.

We only use the latest NAS devices from Synology from single drive units for offsite backups to multiple drive units for in-house storage, which can now use hard disk drives up to 8 Tb in size.

Additional software packages can be installed on the NAS so that it can also be be used to create a Surveillance Station so that video feeds from multiple IP wireless camera’s can be stored or they can be used to connect to cloud data so that company data can be stored and accessed at multiple locations.

NAS Devices or Hyper-V Servers can be backed up using Macrium Reflect software, which is an excellent back/recovery software package for an entire Server down to a single file or Synology Active Backup can now also backup VMWare or Hyper-V Virtual Servers.


  • Using existing Synology NAS device technology with single or RAID protected hard drive systems for additional redundancy.
  • Synology NAS can now provide full Active Directory & DNS.
  • Synology NAS can have single or dual LAN ports for additional LAN redundancy for in-house users, or different groups of users can be connected to each LAN Port.
  • Additional Packages can be stored on the NAS such as the Surveillance Station which can have several IP Camera’s attached to create an in-house security system.
  • Company data stored on the NAS device can be protected by individual User Access and security groups.
  • Secondary Synology NAS devices ┬ácan be added to the system for additional layers of redundancy to access company data.
  • Cloud data can also be accessed or backed up by using a Cloud Package which can be installed on the NAS device, which can also be configured for secure access.
  • By using a Synology NAS, all Laptop and Desktop computers can be imaged and stored onto the NAS, this can all be controlled by using Macrium Central Management Portal – This can be used to protect all assets from infection and or a hardware failure so that the computer can easy be restored back to a working state.
  • Synology NAS can now also be used to setup a CCTV Surveillance station linking to full HD IP camera’s, all that is required is a Synology NAS, IP Camera’s which can be powered by power over ethernet from the network switch and network cabling. The Synology NAS will store any detected movement by the IP camera’s which can be reviewed at a later date, many settings and alerts can also be configured.
  • Full Company data backup to local or offsite NAS as required.
  • All Company data protected from Ransomware by Synology Snapshot technology – all data protected by Snapshot can be restored quickly.

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